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What do we mean by DEIB?
DEI stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Over that last couple of years there has been a shift and growing trend from DEI to DEIB to include Belonging.
This is a reflection of the rapid changes we have seen in society over the past few years: being diverse, equitable, and inclusive is not enough.
To create an environment that helps people get the best out of themselves – they also need to feel that they Belong.
Diversity: Accepting people with a range of social identities (political beliefs, race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, class, and/or gender identity differences, different perspectives).
Equity: The concept of providing fair treatment and opportunities for all.
Inclusion: Implementing systems that ensure all people, regardless of background or social identity, feel involved, valued, respected.
Belonging: Belonging is an emergent property of good DEI practice.
Belonging nurtures a sense of security so that every person feels that they are accepted, supported, and included.
When people feel their voice matters they are encouraged to contribute to goals, communities, and engage in visions for a better future.
"Diversity is a fact; Equity is a choice; Inclusion is an action; Belonging is an outcome."
DEIB is a philosophy about people, communities, and societies where individuals thrive.
When individuals thrive, communities thrive.
And when communities thrive, societies thrive.
DEIB is not a flavor of the month.
DEIB is not a one-time initiative – it's a lifetime of educating, listening, and understanding.
We are a movement of individuals changing how we interact with each other and focused on creating a legacy that the planet is a better place than how we found it.
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