Video Text
Scene opens with two Golden Retriever dogs walking down a hospital hallway, wagging their tails and greeting patients.]
Narrator: Meet DaVinci and Stella, two Golden Retriever siblings who provide animal-assisted therapy to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers, and members of law enforcement.
Narrator: They help people in so many ways, from aiding recovery to reducing stress and anxiety.
Narrator: They even help members of law enforcement cope with the stress of their jobs.
[Cut to DaVinci and Stella sitting next to their owner, who is holding a donation jar.]
Narrator: And they love to hear about the contributions coming in to support their work.
[Cut to DaVinci and Stella sitting in front of a flat screen TV.]
DaVinci: Hey Stella, have you seen any new dog sitter videos on YouTube?
Stella: No, but let's watch one. Alexa, play Golden Retriever versus Labrador Retriever: Which is Better?
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